• Adress: Drenoc
  • City: Peja
  • Parking: No

Towers of Drenoc


The compound of towers in Drenoc consists of many neighborhoods. These were built as family fortified dwellings, existential buildings of the type: tower. Towers in the old compound of Drenoc are built, focusing on families with common tribal backgrounds. The Kulla of Mazrekaj Family, in Dranoc village in west of Kosova, has been serving as a venue for different cultural and tourism activities, since its restoration in 2004. Celebration of European Heritage Days in Kosova, Seminars on different topics, as well as Bed & Breakfast services offered on these occasions, have proven that this Kulla, as well as the whole historical compound of Dranoc village, has the potential to develop cultural tourism. Development of this type of tourism would also lead to economical development of the community.