• Mob: +386 49 827 591
  • Adress: Mbretëresha Teutë
  • City: Peja
  • Parking: Yes

Sweet Home


This restaurant is located in the center of Peja. The ‘seasonal and local food’ mantra is taken to silly heights at this new restaurant in the heart of Peja, on the riverside. It’s a bit of fun – and maybe a bit of on-trend decor too. Everything else about this pub – drinks, service, and ambient and, above all, the excellent dishes – makes it special.

The beautiful parquet floors, the bar and added industrial-style lighting, the light pink walls and wooden chairs and pink benches set outside – the result is a treat, fitting perfectly with both building and location.

The style is recognizable: unfussy dishes; simple presentation; great terrines; a focus on flavor. This restaurant’s menu contains traditional food, Italian cuisine, and also tortillas are a very important part of the menu. Delicious desserts are a treat here and a very consistent part of the restaurant’s character.