• Tel: +38649 44 275 489
  • Email:
  • Adress: Boga
  • City: Rugova
  • Number of rooms: 4
  • Parking: Yes

Skiing School Dardani

Motel Restaurant

Skiing School Dardani is right next to the ski lift, located 1368 meters above sea level. Dardani has 10 licensed international and national skiing trainers who are available to help you all the time. They offer transportation of children groups with special snow vehicles. Dardani organizes various activities such as hiking, biking, and also snowboarding.

Here you can rent skis, and also pay for skiing classes if you are interested. The rooms are very welcoming all featuring mountain views. The atmosphere is very lively,and the place is frequented by a lot of people, since it’s near the slope. Specialties of the restaurant is mainly the traditional cuisine. The restaurant offers very delicious meat dishes which are prepared by chefs that have more than 10 years experience.