• Mob: +386 49 586 740
  • Email:
  • Adress: Drelaj, Rugove
  • City: Peje
  • Parking: Yes

Guesthouse Shqiponja

Guest House

This traditional chalet-style guesthouse in Rugova offers panoramic views of mountains and is located in 1120 meters above sea level. The rooms are rustically furnished in a traditional style. The guesthouse has a kitchen, cable TV, bathrooms and also a washing machine.

There is also a library with books in Albanian for you to relax and enjoy your vocation. They also have a barn where they keep their cows. They also have beehives whose honey you can taste. Besides offering honey from their own beehives they also offer homemade brandy, pear juice, kumshte, whey and plum jam.

There are two guesthouses that are cleaned daily, pets are allowed in the garden. There is enough space for camping, and playing football. Other activities that you can do here is skiing, hiking and the walks near the river with a tour guide.  The guesthouse is only 18 km from Peja.