• Tel: +37744129666
  • Adress: Boge
  • City: Peja
  • Number of rooms: 8
  • Parking: Yes

Rugova Relax

Guest House

Rugova Relax is located in Boge. There are 8 guesthouses, offering beautiful surroundings and panoramic views.  The guesthouses have a living room and a fully equipped kitchen on the first floor while the bedrooms are on the second floor. There is a fireplace on each guest house. There is only one VIP guesthouse which appart from the others has also a HD cable TV.

Activities conducted here are various. Organized hiking with a guide on old paths used in the past.  The guesthouse offers a lot of activities  and there is a football and a volleyball and handball field, also a ping pong table. There is also a playground for children. A billiard table is also available to guests. The skiing lane is 5 minutes away from the villas. For conferences there is a hall with all the needed equipment.