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Rugova Mountains


The Rugova Mountains are in the north-western part of Kosovo. It is a region within “Bjeshkët e Nemuna” (The Cursed Mountains), also known as The Albanian Alps. It was proclaimed a national park in 2013. The Rugova Mountains are ranked 4th in winter sports by the International Ski Federation. People also hike, mountaineer, paraglide, and have picnics in the area.

There are many caves, waterfalls, glacial lakes, high peaks and tunnels in Rugova. The highest peak is Hajla (2403 m), with Volujaku almost as tall. There is a panorama of Peja from the top of “Qafa e Qyqes” (Cuchoo’s Neck). Guri i Kuq (1522 m) also offers tremendous panoramas.

Rugova is 93 km from Prishtina. It covers a territory of 20330 ha. The Lumbardhi River splits the mountain in half, creating a valley and a canyon (Rugova Gorge). 85% of the territory is covered by forests, 15% by pasture. The terrain is rugged with limestones and bluff slopes and deep-narrow erosive gorges. Mountain sites are with a slope of 15°-30° but occasionally they reach 45°-90°. The terrain is composed of various forms of numerous karst such as caves, natural tunnels, waterfalls, glacial lakes etc.