• Mob: +377 44 219 402
  • Adress: Radac
  • City: Peja
  • Parking: Yes

Restaurant Ujvara e Drinit


It is the perfect place for people who enjoy nature. The restaurant is set beside the river White Drin. It is a beautiful restaurant  and when the weather is nice you can sit on the terrace which is literally set on the river. The restaurant pays attention to the windows in order to make it possible to guests to enjoy the view during the winter too.

Inside the complex there is a fountain with streaming water which complements the surrounding. There is also a playground for children. The striking design of the restaurant is in tune with nature. The restaurant is built near the Drini waterfall and is very spacious and has 600 seats. The restaurant’s specialty is the trout fish where professional chefs offer various recipes prepared using this delicious fish. Their menu does not consist only of sea food but also of traditional dishes, different kind of meat dishes, pastas, pizzas, and salads.