• Mob: +377 44 206 813
  • Adress: Radac
  • City: Peja
  • Parking: Yes

Restaurant Te Arrat


Restaurant Te Arrat is located in Radac. It is built in a mountain cabin style, build out of wood and in tune with its surrounding. The restaurant is very private, offering its guests the wanted intimacy.  There is also a terrace where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful and panoramic views and also the breeze coming from the mountains. The capacity of this restaurant is 120 seats.

The staff of the restaurant is very experienced, they are people who have worked in this profession for years. The cuisine of the restaurant is mainly traditional. They use only the freshest fruits and vegetables bought from the villages around. They offer some of the most exquisite meat dishes. You can find various other specialties on the menu, such as those made out of goat meat, beef, fish etc. The most special dish is their steamed steak and creamed peppers.