• Mob: +377 44 136 115
  • Email:
  • Adress: Enver Hadri, no. 27
  • City: Peje
  • Parking: Yes

Restaurant Al Forno


Al Forno is an Italian Restaurant that utilizes traditional Italian recipes and comfortable surroundings to provide patrons with, “a meal you can’t refuse”.From the service to the food this place was just all around excellent. Restaurant Al Forno has developed many signature dishes that respect the authentic Italian traditions. They prepare authentic Italian dishes ranging from all of your favorites to some unique creations that you may not have experienced previously, including PIZZA. Their menu is giant starting from antipastas, salads, to pastas, pizzas and mains, and finishing with seafood.

The interior of the restaurant is done with traditional Italian décor. This is supplemented with natural flowers on each table.

You can also order your meal through the phone, which Al Forno will deliver it to the required place. Here you will enjoy nice background music, Italian cuisine. Polite staff always assists guests to decide on dishes choice… Having visited the restaurant Al Forno once, you would like to come back again and again. A very beautiful restaurant, which offers delicious kind of food. It is the only place in Peja that offers Italian cuisine. Attractive place to sit and enjoy the meal.