• Adress: Radac
  • City: Peje
  • Parking: No

Radac Cave


The Radavc cave is located in the vicinity of Radac village, close to the river spring Drini i Bardhë, around 11km from Peja town, left of the Pejë-Rozhajë road. The entrance to the cave is oriented towards northeast, is 2.8m high and 2.2m wide, with a narrow passage-shaped as a tunnel 2.5 meters high. The cave receives natural light through a natural window located in its upper part. The entrance to the cave is located at 578m above sea level. Radac cave is also specific from the “architectonic” perspective, as a natural living facility. The first notice of this cave was made by scholar J. Petrovic. While the, archeologist M. Garashanin, considers the cave to be a finding that belongs to the Paleolithic era, thus calling for treating the cave with special care, bearing in mind that no indications of Paleolithic developments are found in our country yet.


Type of protection: Inventorised