• Mob: +377 44 142 810
  • Email:
  • Adress: Drelaj, Rugove
  • City: Peje
  • Number of rooms: 14
  • Parking: Yes

Guesthouse Mulliri

Guest House Restaurant

Offers fine dining and great lunches in a warm atmosphere of an old fashion fireplace and one of the most interesting views in the mountains. The tables are lined up in front of windows. A few tables feature interesting slope views, the others overlook a large mountain meadow where the deer and other wild life feeds in the evenings and on clear days the view stretches over five mountain ranges.

Converted from a water mill into a restaurant, there are also guesthouses and a playground for children and a water fountain with fish swimming in the pond. There’s a terrace with 300 chairs, where you can sit and enjoy the view. The water stream coming from the mountains into the restaurant’s fountain is especially beautiful.