• Mob: +377 45 635 704
  • Email:
  • Adress: Drelaj, Rugove
  • City: Peje
  • Number of rooms: 3
  • Parking: Yes

Guesthouse Mali

Guest House

Located in heart of Rugova mountains, this guesthouse offers BBQ spaces, a garden with mountain views. Guests can also use for cooking the green salad, onions, garlic, spinach and potatoes in the garden.

This property comes with a fully-equipped kitchen with an oven and a microwave. There’s also a private bathroom, a seating area with a fireplace and a TV. Among the activities here are: horse riding, organized hiking, visiting monuments and highest peaks, sports such as volleyball, biking, skiing.

For extra payment they serve you specialties such us: traditional food (flia), different kinds of cheese, eggs, special brandy, mountain tea, blueberry. Then also beer Peja, honey and different kinds of steak specialties.