• Mob: +377 44 639 990
  • Adress: Boge, Rugova
  • City: Peja
  • Number of rooms: 13
  • Parking: Yes

Guesthouse Berati

Guest House

Built in the style of typical Albanian houses, the guesthouse offers warmth and the comfort of life in the mountains. The guesthouse has 3 floors and 13 rooms. They offer the right conditions for a memorable vacation, by organizing various activities that Rugova offers such as skiing, organized hikes, biking, fruit picking, and mountain climbing. Apart from all this there is a conference room with all the needed equipment.

The ski lift is 1.5 km, while the skiing track is 3000 km. It is located in a very convenient slope that makes it one of the most desired by skiers. The ski lift operates independently from the power grid, which means it is active all the time. The Guesthouse is 2 minutes away from the ski lift. There are two ski professional skiing trainers. They are the founders of an Non-governmental Association for mountain fruit picking.