• Adress: Deçan
  • City: Peja
  • Parking: No

Deçan Landscape


Nature: “The characteristic mountainous landscape of Deçan is shaped by the Prejlep Mountain, Kozhnjer reserve and the “Pines” Forest Park, and is an area well known for its rich biodiversity and rare species of flora”. Monuments: “A number of stone tower residential buildings are also characteristic to the region (kullas), and have been preserved in a few villages of Deçan municipality.

The most representative of these, and those which are still inhabited, are the kullas of the Mazrekaj family in the village of Drenoc, the Demukaj family in Deçan, and of the Kuklec and Osdautaj families in Isniq. These hold valuable potential for rural tourism development. There are also two well-preserved mills – the Tahir Sadrias’ water mill in Isniq, which is still in working order, and the Shabanaj mill in Deçan which is occupied by the women’s association NGO Jeta and is used for selling traditional artisan handcrafts”