• Mob: +377 45 807 200
  • Email:,
  • Adress: Fehmi Agani, Karagaq
  • City: Peje
  • Number of rooms: 5
  • Parking: Yes

Camp Karagaq

Hotel Restaurant

Camp Karagaq offers perfect environment for your family moments and also offers possibilities for organizing your weddings and parties in two solemn banquet halls with a capacity of 650 seats. There are luxurious rooms for accommodation and rooms for the bride and groom from where with the elevator you can descent directly into the wedding hall.

Camp Karagaq is far away from the noise of cars and very near the center of the city. Its décor is a combination of modern elements with the traditional ones. The restaurant has 200 seats and serves traditional food, seafood, also dishes from the Italian, French, Turkish cuisine, etc. They have a hall with 350 seats, a terrace which joins this one with the other hall under the shadow of lime trees where 100 seats, if joined the capacity of these is 650 seats. There are 13 rooms, 2 modern suites, a porch with 200 hundred seats, where you can relax under the shadow of lime, oak, and chestnut trees. There is camping space 2500m. The parking area is under surveillance all the time.