• Tel: +381 38 733 752
  • Mob: +377 44 348 467
  • Adress: Enver Hadri, no. 51
  • City: Peja
  • Parking: Yes

California Park


Restaurant California Park which opened on 1999 is located in the center of the city of Peja. The cozy lighting, soft music, romantic atmosphere, and great service have made this Restaurant a favorite for costumers visiting they are who want to relax. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with warm colors and wooden elements. While chairs are white leather. The restaurant is very spacious and has two terraces. One is on the ground floor while the other is on the second floor. There also trees which provide shadows during summer, and also look beautiful.

The restaurant’s delicious menu is what really makes it as one of the best restaurants in Peja. California Park Restaurant invents a new specialty every year. While they already have invented 160 specialties of express food. The restaurant is known for its Italian cuisine such as pastas, pizzas and various meat dishes. They also offer traditional food, and skenderbeg is part of the menu.