• Mob: +386 49 157 013
  • Adress: Rruga te Zatrat
  • City: Peje
  • Parking: Yes

Alpine House Ranch

Guest House

This guesthouse and restaurant is situated in one of the highest points of Rugova. Offering beautiful sights from all corners. It’s only 2 km away from the city Peja. There are two guesthouses which are very spacious and are cleaned daily.

The premises of Alpine House Ranch are 600 Ha, and there’s also an 8 km running route where a water supplier is placed every 2 km.  There are two guesthouses available for guests, you can also camp outside. This lodge has its own horse stables, and offers horse riding for its guests. Other activities such as hiking, biking are also organized.  There’s also a big fire in the company of good music.

A special activity that this place offers is parachuting. The activity is conducted under the supervision of professionals. There are classes with professionals that teach others horse riding. And field trips with children are organized where they can pick up mushrooms and berries. The served food here is BIO. The restaurant offers homemade cranberry brandy, apple vinegar, blueberry juice, and they have delicious specialties of goat. Wi-Fi is available, and pets are allowed.